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Do you love to write?
Do you love to tell a story in print form?
Can you make someone see things through your eyes by your incredible use of vocabulary?


You can be part of the team that helps us become the de facto resource for honest, expert reviews of black businesses.  Your writing has the potential to reach thousands of eyeballs, and your own style can elevate you to a known legend in the industry.

Here’s what we need from our gratuitous partners:

  • samples of your writing style (either send a link or other evidence of your work)
  • minimum of 400-500 words per review
  • attention to detail in your writing
  • analysis of the “5 pillars” that make up our review system
  • gathering of 3-4 key pieces of information from each business
  • 3-4 pictures of the establishments
  • an upbeat attitude

Use the form to the left to express your interest in submitting official reviews for BBR.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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