Rosie’s Coffee Cafe Review

Vibrant, ecletic eatery sports a diverse menu, pays homage to the elders, and has a sexy bar area suitable for mingling, whether it's gametime or not.

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.  I guess the same can be said and extended to retail establishments.

Rosie's Coffee Cafe - Northside Drive - Mercedes-Benz Stadium - Atlanta, Georgia

Rosie’s Coffee Cafe is a gem.  Nestled within walking distance to Mercedes-Benz stadium and Castleberry Hill, Rosie’s is a breath of fresh air when compared to the existing offerings in the area.  The outside of the restaurant & bar is decent enough, but offers no hint of what lies behind the double doors.

That’s where the fun actually begins.

Walking in you are immediately greeted with an old-school directional sign pointing to the dining room and bar areas, along with the old-school offerings of Stevie Wonder and Cameo in your eardrums.  You look around the well-lit establishment and get a sense of wonder… and you wonder, “which side should I go to?”  I intended to only place a to-go order due to time constraints, but was almost seduced into staying and lounging in the bar area.  During the early afternoon hours, there weren’t too many customers (but enough so that it didn’t seem “dead”), but looking at the place, you can only imagine what the scene is like after say… 6pm.

Speaking of placing orders to-go, one thing that is often overlooked is the quality of the materials used to hold and assist with your food.  The utensils were of the highest quality; no flimsy forks and spoons, and you almost want to wash and keep them around for when you leave the house noshing on leftovers.  The container holding the food was also decent, although it is the type that you press to close, so it only has a lifespan of say, 2-3 closings before it gives up the ghost.

Rosie's Coffee Cafe - Northside Drive - Mercedes-Benz Stadium - front entrance - Atlanta, Georgia

But what of the food?  Again, it hits high marks for both taste and presentation.  I ordered a chicken salad sandwich with fries, and they did not disappoint.  Upon seeing the sandwich and holding i, I immediately knew it would be a two-meal affair.  Served on a croissant, it was toasted on the inside so the unexpected crunch when biting into it was delightful.  The chicken salad itself was good enough on day one, and was surprisingly better the next day!  The fries, however, are not better the second time around, but were enjoyable for their heat and crispy texture when first served.

The restaurant was clean — including the crisp and fragrant bathroom area — although the dispenser for paper towels did not actually contain the towels (the roll was sitting on the sink).  There is an attention to detail here that other places wish they possessed, which is also evident in their perfect health score rating.  At the time of the visit, Rosie’s was only open for four months, and it looked as though it could have opened the previous week.  Kudos to the management and staff for the upkeep of the atmosphere.

Rosie’s is a place that you have to try at least once.  Whether you decide to dine in, chill at the bar, or grab a bite to take with you, you’ll enjoy the pleasant attitudes of the staff in an upscale, modern setting that may leave you with a sense of wonder.

Rosie’s Coffee Cafe
48 Northside Drive SW
Atlanta, GA 30313

(404) 331-7703 • • Rosies Coffee Cafe on Instagram • Rosie’s Cafe on Facebook

Monday – Saturday: 7 AM – 9 PM
Sunday: 7 AM – 7 PM


  • Energetic ambiance
  • Awesome attention to detail
  • Loyalty program


  • No menu posted to their website
  • Parking is limited
  • Seating is limited, especially for large parties


Attitude - 9
Cleanliness - 9
Flow/Vibe - 9
Parking - 7
Tech - 8
Critic extraordinaire, Jordan has roots in mystery shopping, so looking for key metrics to evaluate the multitude of different establishments is second nature to this seasoned veteran.

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