Black Business Boom Review

Black Business Boom or Black Business Bust?

That is the question that immediately pops into my head when looking at this website.

Black Business Boom (BBB) is characterized as a type of “Groupon” for black business.  Now, we’ve seen this type of thing before, and most (if not all) of those businesses have fizzled out with little fanfare.  So what makes Black Business Boom different?

(We’d actually like for you to tell us that.)

Let’s review the main areas of this service.

The Web Space

On first glance, the site is unremarkable.  There is only the logo, a navigation bar at the top, a few tiles with text over three faces (one which does not appear to be black), the copyright block and “Powered by GoDaddy Website Builder” at the bottom.  Clicking the links takes you to a subdomain of

Black Business Boom's homepageHere’s what happens when you click the links that appear on the screen:

  • HOME – takes you to the homepage
  • COUPONS – goes to the subdomain of
  • BUSINESS OWNERS – signup form for businesses to offer their deals (freebies?)
  • BOOMIN’ APP – takes you to a form to signup to be a beta tester for the app
  • BLOG – take you to the blog
  • PRESS – goes to a page that has one video from Fox 17 in Nashville and a picture of a press kit?

One thing that stood out on the site was in the press area, in the video that is from Fox 17 in Nashville.  When interviewed about black businesses, Danielle McGee (the owner of Black Business Boom) said part of the reason [that the revenue piece is not quite there with African-American businesses] is marketing, but it’s also about getting rid of the stigma:

“our products are subpar, that our businesses are less organized…”

I do agree with the presence of this stigma in our community, but Danielle fails to rid her own business of that stigma with the way she has presented BBB.

The Product/Service

The main draw to the site is of course the prospect of finding deals with black businesses.  However, when I checked these deals (under the COUPONS link), they were sparse, to say the least.

Black Business Boom's dealsIf you do happen to find a deal, you’ll be happy to know that the deal you find — along with just about all of the deals I was able to see — were all free.  In addition, the time remaining to get these deals was enormous, often being more than 1000 days.  That doesn’t create a sense of urgency for the customer, which translates to no revenue for the business owner who probably paid to be featured on the website.  What’s the point of offering deals that you can seemingly get anytime during the next 3 years? (Isn’t that called a store?)

You can’t go around being characterized as “the new Groupon for black-owned businesses” if you don’t actually offer things that people can purchase online and you have a dearth of choices for the consumer.  This basically supports the stereotype of…

…our products are subpar…

Their Social Media

While having a story done on a major local news station is awesome, the rest of the social media presence is lacking.  Aside from small writeups on Travel Noire and Black Enterprise, the social media links found on their web page are only Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.  However, only one of these links actually went to the pertinent page (Facebook); the other two social media links go to pages for Avid Golfer, which doesn’t even seem connected to the business.

…our businesses are less organized…

After doing some digging, I was able to find their Instagram page, but here’s the issue: it’s filled with memes, inspirations, and selfies.  With a name like Black Business Boom, and characterizing yourself as a Groupon for black business, 👏🏿 where 👏🏿 are 👏🏿 the 👏🏿 damn 👏🏿 deals?


The Tech

The homepage of BBB is encrypted, but when you connect to the deals page (which is in the subdomain of, you are visiting an insecure page.  In 2019, that raises a red flag, especially since you can encrypt your website for free with services such as Let’s Encrypt. Even though ALL of the deals are free and no actual money is being exchanged, your personal information is being sent across the internet in order for you to sign up, so this is a shortcoming that should be remedied.

BBB does have an app, but would wouldn’t know it from their website, because the link that is for the app actually goes to a Google Forms page where you can sign up to be a beta tester.  Furthermore, Travel Noire stated that they have a “new mobile app available on iOS and Android phones,” however a quick check in the iTunes Store turns up no results.  The Android app appears to be live, but there are only two reviews for it:

I tend to side with the review that offers more details, as it seems more like it is from a real person, and not a bot or someone’s friend.

While the app contains nice pictures of black people engaged in business, you can’t actually do anything with it because everything prompts you to login or sign up.  Why would I want to sign up for something that I know nothing about?  Why not show the deals, then prompt people to sign up when they are ready to buy? (er… buy something that’s already free?)  Again…

“our products are subpar, that our businesses are less organized…”

The Verdict

Black Business Boom is a major bust.  There is hardly anything for consumers to view, low prospects for business owners, and a lot of hype with little substance to back it up.  It’s great that a few websites have written complimentary stories about you, but have those reviewers actually tried the service?  Unfortunately, this iteration of the ‘Groupon for black businesses’ is definitely subpar and lacking organization.


  • An attempt to be a centralized hub to connect black businesses to consumers
  • Their name has appeared on other notable platforms


  • There are no deals to be had here
  • The look is dated, uninspiring, and actually repels business


Appearance/Presence - 3
Product/Service - 1
Social Media - 3
Tech - 2
Critic extraordinaire, Jordan has roots in mystery shopping, so looking for key metrics to evaluate the multitude of different establishments is second nature to this seasoned veteran.

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